1. Aging population (social security & Medicare)

My Giant (Topic)
1. Aging population (social security & Medicare)
Use the outline below to develop you paper. Following the outline is a summary of the grade assessment. Outline
I. Introduction
Introduce the “giant you chose and explain the significance of this problem in society and how it relates to public finance. Provide some historical background on the problem.
II. Current Trends
Provide current trend data related to this “giant. The student can include graphs and data; however, they must explain what the data means and how it supports the trend.
III. Discussions of Current Challenges
This section provides the reader with the current challenges public finance is facing related to your “giant. Find research that explains the types of challenges public financing is facing to solve this problem.
IV. Solutions
In your research, find solutions that public finance is using to solve this “giant. Explain these solutions and describe why public finance feels this is a solution for the “giant. Explain in this section, in detail, what you feel about these solutions and if they can solve the problem.
V. Recommendation
From the solutions provided above choose a “one of the solutions that you feel will solve the “giant. In your discussion explain why you chose that solution and how it will help solve this “giant.
VI. Conclusion
In your conclusion summarize for the reader why this “giant is significant to public finance, proposed solutions, the solution you chose, and the direction this problem is headed in the future. You may want to provide the reader what recommended future study needs to occur in order for this “giant requires eliminating the problem.
Grade Assessment
1.Did the student follow the outline?
1.Did the use research to develop the paper?
2.Was the paper written at the master„¢s level?
3.Can the paper be used to help other Public Administrators solve a “giant?
4.Was the paper creative and interesting to read?

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