a briefing paper. See below the exact task

Assessment 1: A press briefing for non-specialists

This assessment is designed to get you to present a press briefing for people who lack specialist knowledge. This is fairly typical of reports that are used as briefing papers for politicians and policy makers and also for the press and interested members of the public .All of these are clear and well structured. They include no academic references and also try to use clear and non-academic English. They also might include short lists of bullet points and other means to break up the text to make it more accessible.


The task is based on the current situation in Libya. For the last 18 months there has been an extremely serious conflict within Libya and the regime has been overthrown. There is, however, continuing violence and a collection of various groups who are seeking access to the political system. As such Libya is an excellent example of what we have been talking about in class.

Your task is to draft a briefing paper for a non-specialist group – that can be read and understood by policymakers and the public – on the advantages and disadvantages of international intervention and the implications for reconstruction following this conflict.

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