Adolescent Anger Rating Scale Custom Paper

• Select one of the three assessment instruments you previously selected (in the Week 4 Application) that you wish to evaluate.
• Conduct a search on articles that utilized the assessment instrument you selected in a study. You may wish to use PsycInfo or Academic Search Complete to find some articles. Additionally, go to the test publisher’s website and identify any information on the assessment instrument you can find. Using these resources and the reviews from the MMY database, complete the following information:
II. Purpose and Nature of the Instrument
A. Stated purpose
B. Description of test, items, and scoring
C. Use in counseling
III. Technical Considerations
A. Normative sample
B. Reliability
C. Validity
D. Generalizability
An example of how to report these features may be found on the website for the Association for Assessment in Counseling and Education (AACE) in the section marked

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