AJS 552 Week 2 Policing in Kelsey Budget Report

AJS 552 Week 2 Policing in Kelsey Budget Report
Resources: Review the City of Kelsey under the Government tab of the Virtual Organization site. Access the public records of Kelsey under the City Government to familiarize yourself with the city’s budget and financial report.

Review the following scenario:

You work as a budget director for the mayor of Kelsey and recently you have been getting numerous complaints from citizens about the increase in crime in the City of Kelsey and public demands for more police officers. The population of Kelsey has grown, creating increases in crime.

The mayor has communicated to you as the budget director that this past year is the highest increase in crime in the city’s history. The federal government has reduced the federal pass-through money for the state, and the budgeting group needs to revamp the budget for the coming year. In addition to the limited budget, there has been a recent budgetary reform at the federal level, which has put additional pressure on local police agencies to use the federal money before it expires. The state Chief’s of Police Association is lobbying the state for a 15% public safety tax for a temporary 3-year period in order to make up the deficit. The state legislature and local governments are wary of adding any additional new taxes on citizens. In addition, the state’s Sierra Club organization is putting pressure on state and local government to hire less police officers, build more prisons, and develop the state’s infrastructure.

The mayor has pointed out that the likelihood of getting any increase in tax money from the state is slim. The mayor has called a meeting with your budget staff, the Chief of Police and staff to address the following issues and come up with a solution that is politically feasible. In the meeting, the mayor reminds them that if he or she is not re-elected the new incumbent will replace their jobs.

Create a 1,400-1,750- word report in which you, as the budget officer, which details the following:
How the changes affect the fiscal cycle of your budgeting.
How the preparation, execution, and evaluation of the budgeting cycle would change.
Your budgeting approach based on the changes and the reasons.
Differences of the chosen budgeting approach from those not used.
A plan to address the crime issue.
Summary of the cost-benefit analysis of your plan.

Format your paper according to APA standards.

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