American Art Figure

Please us “Star Trek” creator Gene Roddenberry for this.

Please select a person who is your favorite figure from the America arts community, past or present. You might choose a musician like Dave Grohl from Foo Fighters, architect Frank Lloyd Wright, actress Mae West, photographer Ansel Adams, writer Ernest Hemingway, composer Aaron Copland, choreographer Bob Fosse, painter Jackson Pollock, director Martin Scorsese, fashion designer Vera Wang, actor Johnny Depp, or other artistic figure (Peyton Manning is a sports figure, not an artist).

Write a minimum 500 words paper why this arts figure is significant to you. Do you believe this person is a seminal figure in American art? Do you consider this person is “mainstream” or more narrowly known? Is your figure an “insider” or “indie” secret? What makes this figure important to you? What work is their most significate to you? Is there a best known masterpiece? Is there something uniquely American about your subject? Do NOT submit a packaged “Bio” for your figure, tell why this person means something to you. Please be certain your American Arts Figure is actually an American citizen.

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