AMR Corporate Level Strategy Paper

AMR Corp is the parent corporation for American Airlines and American Eagle Airlines. Both of the companies are part of the aviation industry and have a presence in multiple markets around the world.
Industry analysis.
1: For AMR each primary business, descried of current business-level strategy, industry and market share, customers, services, and key competitors.(1-1.5page)
2 Stakeholder Analysis. who are the key players, minimal effort, keep informed, keep satisfied stakeholder of AMR corp., Provide insight about the current situation and challenges facing the corporation by explaining and interpreting . (2 pages)
3: Strategy Options (2 page)
what is current corporate level strategy of AMR? Describe one or two corporate-level option. For each options, discuss how the option might be implemented and the impact the
implementation would have on the business-level strategies for the various businesses of the corporation.
4: Recommended Strategy (3pages)
– Select one of the two options proposed, then describe a rationale that explains why this particular option and corporate-level strategy was recommended over the other.
– Explain risks associated with the recommended strategy.
– Provide estimated changes (post implementation of recommended strategy) to the various “Corporate Performance, Stakeholder Measures, near- and long-term.

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