Analysis of Advanced Nursing Practice Roles

Analysis of Advanced Nursing Practice Roles

· Prepare a 1,400- 1,750-word, APA-formatted paper defining advanced nursing practice.
Include the following:

· Define advanced nursing practice in your own words.

o Analyze the essential roles of the APN including educator, researcher, expert, consultant, leader, and change agent.

o Explain the functions of each role.

o Which role do you see as the most important and why?

o Describe the challenges faced by APN’s with regard to professional relationships.

o What types of challenges do you anticipate you will have in regards to professional relationships?

o How will you deal with these challenges?

o Defineadvanced nursing practice in your own words.

Very important to answer all the points with simple facts easy to read and understand 3-4 complete sentences
remember no plagiarism because I’m sending the paper to University plagiarism site

· Follows rules of grammar, usage, and punctuation
· Has a structure that is clear, logical, and easy to follow
Follows APA standards for formatting and citation of outside works

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