Answer Each Question in one page essay.

1. What are the methods of analysis paleoanthropologists use to understand hominid evolution? (fossils, artifacts, genetics, dating methods, and climactic evidence). How are these methods applied to reconstruct the past?

2. What were the major developments in early hominid evolution (6.0-2.0 mya)? Include important species, their characteristics, behaviors, and geographic locations.

3. Why is the evolution of Homo erectus important to understanding subsequent hominid evolution? Include physiological and behavioral developments.

4. Who were the Neandertals? When and where did they live? What were their physiological and behavioral characteristics?

5. Describe the evolution and migration of Homo sapiens. Where and when did Hono sapiens evolve? What characteristics; physical and behavioral, distinguished Homo sapiens from other hominids during this time? What evidence, if any, exists for hybridization (interbreeding) with other hominids from this time?

6. In what ways are humans and our closest relatives (Bonobos and Chimpanzees) similar and different from physiological and behavioral perspectives? What are the seven steps of bipedality?

7. When and where did the agricultural revolution begin? How did the development of agriculture change human life from physiological and social perspectives?

8. In what ways does the study of biological/physical anthropology contribute to our understanding of our own species (Homo sapiens), and our species relationships to the rest of life on earth?

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