Art Investigation Workbook

We have an investigation workbook to do it is a book that we have to do 40 pages on art.
Basically choose any art picture or art design and put it in a word document and talk about it, i will be sending you the handbook that tells you what to say about a picture or a painting.
if you can please do this workbook perfectly i need 40 pages , and divide 2750 words on all the 40 pages please because you will fill a picture that will cover most of the page.
And please all the pictures you use can you please send them to me so i can print them and put them in a book.
you can choose any art painting to talk about, for example cubism by Pablo Picasso. or any similar painting I will be sending you the handbook that has both studio work and investigation workbook work, ignore the studio work just follow what you have to say on the investigation workbook, if you have any question you can contact me

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