Book Review

Structure in How To Write A Book Review;

Paragraph 1: Include the following in your introduction
1) Start with an attention-getter (a question, quote, fact, etc.)(this must be linked to the rest of the paragraph!),
2) Identify the book’s title and author,
3) Identify the point of view of the story (first person or third person),and
4) Write a thesis statement(a single sentence of your overall opinion about the strength and/or weakness of the books.)

Paragraph 2: Discuss thew main character (ONE character only) explain the following:
1) What the character’s personality traits are, including any both strengths and weaknesses of the ,
2) What the character’s motivations in the story are, and
3) Whether the character changes in the story,and 4)how the characters changes (or if the character doesn’t change, why not)

paragraph 3: As it pertains to the story’s plot(the series of the events from beginning to end of the story)explain the following:
1) What the basic conflict in the story is,
2) Whether the story unfolds in a way that holds the reader’s attention (i.e.,is it interesting and suspenseful?), 3)what the setting(the time period AND place)of the story is, and, 4)(more importantly!)how the setting affects the plot.(DON’T just summarize the story!!!!)

Paragraph 4: discuss the theme(the central message, or insight about life)the author reveals, explaining the following:
1) What the theme of the story is(ONE theme only, please),
2) How the theme is shown in the story(using specific examples),and
3) How it relates to the world beyond the story. (this may include something from you own life or some well known situation that you are aware of–BUT YOU MUST BE SPECIFIC!!!)Note:this is the most important paragraph-don’t skimp on it!

Paragraph 5: Evaluate the book in your conclusion, explaining the following:
1) Why the book is good or bad,
2) What your specific expectations were,
3) Whether those expectations were or were not met, and
4) Whether you would or wouldn’t recommend it to others. (you may use I and me in this paragraph.)

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