Budget Types and Formats

Full comprehensive summary of the following readings. Main points need to be discussed comprehensively.

Here is the assigned parts and pages of the readings:
· Dan A. Cothran. 1993. “Entrepreneurial Budgeting: An Emerging Reform?” Public
Administration Review, 53(5): 445-454 (10pp.)
· Willam F. West, Eric Lindquist, and Katrina N. Mosher-Howe. 2009. “NOAA’s
Resurrection of Program Budgeting: Déjà Vu All Over Again?” Public Administration
Review, 69(3): 435-447 (13pp.)
· Carolyn S. Lane. 2002. “Performance-Based Budgeting in Louisiana,” Spectrum:
Journal of State Government, 75(2): 15 (1p.)
· Dongsung Kong. 2005. “Performance-Based Budgeting: The U.S. Experience,” Public
Organization Review, 5(2): 91-107 (17pp.)
· Ginger LuAnne Zierdt. 2009. “Responsibility-Centred Budgeting: An Emerging Trend in
Higher Education Budget Reform,” Journal of Higher Education Policy & Management,
31(4): 345-353 (9pp.)

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