BUS 2275 Business Strategy and Simulation

Guidelines for writing case analysis:

You are the decision-maker and should approach the case from the decision maker’s perspective. Ivey case write-ups follow specific formats. You can use the following framework to structure your work. Please do not include a summary of case facts only. Your work should clearly demonstrate analysis, understanding of the issue(s) and appropriate solutions with reasoning to support them.

All case write-ups should be typed in 12 Font, Times New Roman and should have a cover page with your full name, course name and section, instructor and date, table of contents and page numbers.

  1. 1.   Executive Summary

The section should be 1-2 paragraphs (half page) long at the most. It should highlight the main problem/issue the decision maker is facing, the process of analysis, alternatives and recommendation(s).


  1. 2.   Statement of the problem/opportunity/and objectives

This section should specifically state the issue(s)/problem(s), the decision maker and the reason why the problem(s) arose.


  1. 3.   Analysis of the situation

This section should include:

  • relevant background information (industry trend, competition, customer etc.,)
  • things to consider when analyzing the situation.


  1. 4.   Identification and evaluation of alternatives; and

What are the alternative solutions and the advantages/disadvantages of each alternative?


  1. 5.   Concluding paragraph with the Decision, course of action and implementation

What should the decision maker do, what is the main course of action.


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