Business Ethics and Multiple Intelligences in International HRM Custom Paper

To meet the global challenges of effective Transcultural Human Resource Leadership, it is asserted that the task of the cosmopolitan HR Manager in the future will focus on more than just acquiring a few words of a foreign language to bolster entrenched Western management styles. Instead Transcultural HR Leaders would need an authentic interest in the alternative management models of other cultures so that they can diplomatically manage tensions, contradictions, and the business of ethics, which all together signify the ultimate test of their ability to cope with the ambiguity of IHRM in today’s changing New World Order.

Critically discuss the above assertion, with a view to determining whether or not when crossing cultural, national, functional, and business unit lines, the “Business Ethics and Multiple Intelligence” integrated approach to human relations is an essential, irreplaceable ingredient for effectively appreciating (i.e. building trust/respect/reciprocity) and managing international employees within the global organisational milieu that we now live in.

Demonstrate the ability to:
• Identify the issues within the context of the assigned IHRM question and, from this to demonstrate a logical structure and layout for the paper (5 marks)
• Apply research skills to examine and demonstrate a knowledge of organisational data and of given the literature (and beyond) relevant to the issues (20 marks)
• Critically discuss the facts against theory in the assigned question (35 marks)
• Draw meaningful conclusions from this critical analysis (15 marks)
• Make recommendations to improve the IHRM situations (15 marks)
• Correctly reference all published material included in the paper (10 marks)

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