Business Proposal

Using your knowledge of entrepreneurship and your entrepreneurial skills developed on the course draw up a business proposal for your proposed new venture. This plan will be used by banks, venture capitalists and others to evaluate the feasibility of your proposal and will be important in your quest to obtain financial and other forms of support you may need to get your proposed business started on a secure basis. It is therefore essential you provide a clear, persuasive and strong case to support the feasibility and viability of your proposed new venture.
1. Executive Summary – (300 words)- 5 marks
2. Business Description – (300 words)-15 marks
3. Business Opportunities research and analysis – (300 words)-15 marks
4. Marketing Strategy – (400 words)-20 marks
5. Business Operations – (250 words)-5 marks
6. Technology – (300 words)-15 marks
7. HR Strategy- (250 words) -5 marks
8. Financial considerations – (400 words)-20 marks.


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