Case Study 10

In 1988, the Allen family had taken the diagnosis of diabetes very seriously. Mr. Allen’s mother particularly instilled in her son a motivation to learn and to comply with the prescribed treatment. He was fortunate that his diabetes was always relatively easy to control with a balance of diet, exercise, and insulin even during his rapid growth through his teenage years.
He realizes now that he had taken this stability in his condition for granted and with his new employment requiring travel, he had unintentionally strayed from his normal routine with diet, exercise, and sleep patterns. His compliance to the treatment regime had suffered reminding him with a recent hospitalization that he must always maintain healthy behaviors including compliance at all times to his treatment plan.

View the brief video below –think about the barriers identified by the student and motivation strategies applied by the instructor.

On Forum, address the following questions:

How is motivation assessed?

What strategies could the diabetes nurse educator employ if Mr. Allen was not motivated to stay compliant with his treatment plan?

How could the Health Belief Model be used with Mr. Allen to help enhance preventative health behaviors?

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