Cause and effect paper on

Foreign Policy

All of these have greatly affected American society, and each of them has had an effect on one another in some way.
For example, war completely overtook American culture for many years, including its industry and economy. War led to prosperity, which lead to American leisure and entertainment. See how they all affect American culture while affecting one another?
Well, here’s what you are to do.
Choose three of these words. Write a cause and effect paper explaining how and why each of them has affected American culture. Has it improved society, lead to international turmoil, caused a thirst for "more", etc.
Answers should be detailed and well-justified. Do not just state how you think America changed, but rather connect the event to the change by explaining why it changed America as it did. Explain what led to what and why it progressed as it did. You should show links between the individual words and American society AND links among the words.

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