Child Development: Introduction to early childhood Custom Paper

Its a mid-term paper, I’m providing here and I need the answers for question 1,2,3,4 and 6. I need answers in full description of a paragraph of 5 to 6 lines from the materials and the book " Introduction to early childhood" 6th edition by ESSA. As it’s said in the instruction of this mid-term we’re not supposed to copy the book, or other materials however we may use the book, notes and outside materials to obtain answers to the questions in our words. I will also upload the materials from this class, that way you can answer these questions the way the instructor expects. sources from what I will upload here are:
1.Introduction to early childhood, by ESSA, 6th edition
2. PDF file "Play in the early years"
3. PDF file "Goldfish"
4. PDF file "play supplement"

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