Child & Youth Work

SWLF 1007 – Introduction to Social Work
Group Presentation Assignment


    Students will work in groups of up to five to present a specific topic assigned in week #3 of the class

    Groups will find five articles (one each) that relates their topic to one of the key concepts discussed in the reflection papers (use of self, code of ethics, anti-oppressive/anti-racist perspective, evidence based practice) and a particular approach to social work (structural/critical, strengths based, ecological or scientific).

    Use a 30 minute power point presentation to present the chapter topic assigned, discuss these articles and relate them to the material from that chapter in the Hicks (2010) or Mullaly (2007) texts.

    It will also include a 1500 word paper that outlines the topics addressed in the presentation – include handout copies of your power point slides, 6 per page.

    The marks for this assignment are:

    Usefulness of content in describing a field of social work (and assigned chapter)- 7%
    Relating material specifically to course content – 7%
    Evidence of teamwork (this does not mean that everyone must speak) – 2%
    Skill in presenting material, including interesting and creative style – 7%
    Keeping to time limit/word count – 2%


•    Use at least Power Point version 7
•    Organize your presentation on a travel drive ahead of time; make sure it works!
•    Use handouts for the class to give them notes to study from for exam questions
•    Concisely and clearly present a summary of the chapter you are covering and then review your five articles, making sure you relate them to each concept (key concepts and approaches to social work).
•    Show how the topic relates to your chosen fundamental concept from the reflection papers and a particular theoretical perspective that is reflected in the articles chosen.
•    Provide your paper for the assignment at the beginning of your presentation – in class or post on Blackboard before class.

This presentation is designed to link the theoretical approaches to social work with the subject the group has chosen to discuss, and a concept discussed in the reflection papers.  So you are linking the fundamental concepts in social work to the different ways we do social work and using a population your group has chosen to demonstrate that.  You will be teaching your class about that population using these fundamental concepts and approaches to demonstrate it.  You can use exercises, visual creativity, and describe different articles or studies you have found to get your point across.


The paper will include discussion of the five articles and a link to the fundamental concepts they relate to.  So for example, if the Code of Ethics is discussed and an article about boundaries when working with youth in drop in centers is chosen, the writers will link these two by demonstrating how the article refers to aspects of the code of ethics.  They can also relate it to aspects of the chapter they have covered (on children or youth).

The paper can also include your handout, a bibliography of all of the articles discussed and a summary of the chapter you presented in class.  Definitions for the key concepts you are using (Code of Ethics) should be included.  Use the essay format I discussed with you in class.  The group should also indicate who did what aspect of the assignment (organization of paper, research, power points, analysis).

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