Write a proposal on “Is there a significant difference in the proportion of cholesterol values greater than the mean of the control group between the 2-day, 4-day, and 14-day?”

1. Use the following headings:

Title of your project
Statement of purpose

2. Find and list in a bibliography at least three sources that describe a decrease in cholesterol levels. The sources won’t refer to the 2-day, 4-day, and 14-day decrease in cholesterol but only to a general decrease. These should be from peer-reviewed journals.

Provide the following information from the dataset. You may make this information part of your proposal if you desire.

• Define whether your database is quantitative or qualitative.

• Define the level of measurement of your data (nominal, ordinal, interval or ratio).

• Identify the population.

• Identify the sample.

• Define the method of sampling that was used to collect the data and why that method was used. Describe the limitations of this sampling method and how it might effect your conclusions.

3. Write an abbreviated literature review of the sources using APA style.

• Develop at least two graphs and at least two numerical summaries using your database. The graphs should provide an instant overview of the data. The numerical summaries would be tables or other formats containing numbers that summarize the data such as mean, median, etc. Use graphs and numerical summaries that support your selected topic.

Mind on Statistics 3rd edition by Utts|Heckard

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