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Your research project should be 6 – 8 pages long, double-spaced. Please understand that you are not graded on the length of your projects, but rather on the quality and thoroughness of your projects. Consider 6 pages the minimum, and take it from there. All sources should be cited – let me know where you got your information from. I’m also looking for the ability to think for yourself and the demonstration of problem-solving skills. It’s perfectly fine to voice your opinion – I want you to stretch your cognitive abilities here, not simply parrot something you’ve read.

Graphics (charts, graphs, pictures) are a plus, and they count towards your 6-page minimum, within reason. Don’t send me 4 pages of pictures and expect to get a good grade. If you think that I’ll think you’ve used too many graphics, or that your paper is basically pointless, you’re probably right.

Although your projects aren’t due until the end of the quarter, the earlier you turn them in, the better chance you’ll have, if there’s a problem with your project, of doing it over or adding to it or changing it in an effort to improve your grade.

Max 3 pic

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