civil war

Explain the shift toward militancy in the civil rights movement in the late 1960s.

Upload your one paragraph journal entry through the link at the bottom of the page.

. How the Journal is Graded .
The journal is worth up to 5 points and will use a 1/0 grading system. In a 1/0 system, you will either get full or no credit for an item. I expect college level work, therefore any subpar efforts will receive a 0 for that item. The following items are graded in journal entries:


THESIS – Do you have a well thought out and clear thesis?


EVIDENCE – You must have solid evidence for each point you raise in the thesis. Evidence is not simply a statement, there must be an explanation of how that evidence supports the thesis statement.

Example: If you were writing a paragraph on the causes of the Cold War, you might use the Baruch Plan as an example. Simply writing “the Baruch Plan was a cause of the Cold War” in your paragraph would not be enough to earn a point. However, the following sentences would earn a point:

“One cause of the Cold War was the failure of the United States and the Soviet Union to agree upon a plan for nuclear disarmament after World War II. The Baruch Plan, presented by the US, would maintain the American atomic weapon advantage for the foreseeable future. This played into Stalin’s suspicions of the Americans’ true motivations toward the USSR.”

You should have a minimum of three pieces of evidence in support of your thesis (each point of the thesis needs at least one piece of evidence in support). There are three possible points here, one for each piece of evidence.



Is your argument clear and does it make sense? Is it historically accurate? Does your evidence prove your point? Is the journal entry up to college standards for grammar and spelling?


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