Cloud computing in Hospitals

Week 1: Begin thinking of a business problem that could be solved with a technology solution for a company or organization you are familiar with. Use the Q&A Forum to ask questions and discuss your ideas about the project. See the Course Project Technical Areas for ideas.

Week 2: Complete the Course Project Proposal using this format:

Course Project Proposal (1-2 pages, 75 points, due week 2, properly cite any external sources used)
Cover page

1.    Subject of Course Project

2.    Business problem statement

3.    Name of the company or organization

4.    General benefits it will provide the organization

5.    High level approach(es)

6.    Audience
Weeks 3 -6: Based on the Professor’s feedback to your proposal, develop the Course Project. You are required to use a minimum of five credible sources for research on your proposed solution and to correctly cite all references using APA style. Make sure you do not use more than 20% material from other sources so that 80% of the paper should be your original words. Use the Q&A each week to ask questions about the project. See the suggestions below for ideas on ways to develop your project. Use this format for the project:

Course Project Table of Contents (10-15 pages, 225 points, due week 6)

Cover Page

Table of Contents

1.      Abstract

2.      Brief Company background

3.      Discussion of business problem(s)

4.      High level solution

5.      Benefits of solving the problem

6.      Business/technical approach

7.      Business process changes

8.      Technology or business practices used to augment the solution

9.      Conclusions and overall recommendations

10.  High-level implementation plan

11.  Summary of project



Grading Rubrics
Week 2: Submission of the Course Project Proposal (graded)
Week 6: Course Project
Grading Rubrics (The Proposal is worth 75 points and the Course Project is worth 225 points)

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