Communication Hot Topics

A large multinational organisation (“Hindsight International) has called upon your training companys expertise in managerial communication. Hindsight International has asked your company to put together a newsletter informing on five current hot topics in managerial communication. The newsletter is aimed at educating staff with little or no understanding of managerial communication concepts. The newsletter will provide practical advice or applications based on theoretical or research based concepts and knowledge relevant to managerial communication. Hindsight International is particularly interested in topics that are relevant to current workplaces or business practices.
The five topics can be chosen from any covered during Weeks 3 to 11 (i.e., do not select any verbal or non-verbal communication concepts that may have been covered by assignment 1). Choose the topics carefully. You should aim to communicate understanding through a brief, accessible and informative newsletter. These written pieces should be designed to inform (and even entertain if you like) and be linked to relevant theory and examples.

With these 5 topics that you can choose i will be uploading lecture slides (wk 3-10) on to the files that you can access and if you prefer to you may choose the relevant topics that you feel are ‘the hot topics.'(for example Negotiation and Conflict, Strategic flexibility in communication, effective listening, importance of feedback, formal and informal organisational culture) if the lecture slides (pdf files) don’t work you are able to get access to them through my university website (as you have done so previously)

to access academic journals you will need to access them through my university login (again as you have done so previously) you will need to reference in APA style. please reference all relevant material. (min 17 reference of which at least 12 need to be academic journals)
This is to be presented in a creative manner, if possible try and use the newsletter template from publisher to try and make it creative.
Please contact me ASAP if you need any clarification on anything.

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