Consider Human Growth and Development as it is seen in popular culture Custom Paper

Assignment Details: In writing this paper you will consider Human Growth and Development as it is seen in popular culture. It is a biography of a fictional character written from a developmental psychology perspective. You will choose a character from movies and will write about how their growth and development is shown in that movie, book, or television show. You will interact with the material you have learned as you write the paper and will demonstrate your understanding of the course concepts.

You will reference concepts from the text throughout the paper (3-5 times per page) to show where course material intersects with the growth and development of the character. For example:

“Bill was outgoing in his teen years and very self-confident, at least around others. When alone, he struggled with anxiety and fear of what would happen after graduation the next year. He seemed to be close to his parents but he argued with them frequently, especially when they told him what to do. He did not have a steady girlfriend, but said that he wanted to. It just never seemed to work out (Identity vs. moratorium).”

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