country case report about egypt

the 3 main question that need to be answered.

the 3 question that should be discusssed in this paper are as follow:
1. Whether the philosophy/foreign policy of (Your Selected Country) can best be described as Liberalism, Critical, or Mercantilism; on whether the patterns of globalization support the hyperglobalist, sceptics, or transformationalist view; and whether the country’s winners and losers from the process of globalization are represented through the NIE, the SPG, the Outliers, or Feminist Economics perspective.
2. How developed (Your Selected Country) is in regard to the concept of global cities and the competitive advantage of nations; how the country has adjusted to the age of nonpolarity (numerous centers with meaningful power); and whether the relations between the state and corporations in the country can be described as market-oriented capitalism, collective capitalism, social market capitalism, or state capitalism.
3. Whether or how (Your Selected Country) has managed or has been altered because of the new geopolitics of energy or other scarce natural resources (i.e., water, etc); how does the country’s domestic politics view outsourcing and whether it will affect the country’s financial recovery; and whether the country has solved or has been impeded by the puzzle of economic development.

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