Country Profile

The approach to take with this exercise is, suppose a company is interested in doing business in the country that you are profiling. What would they need to know, using the parameters mentioned below. You CANNOT profile the country in which you were born.
Based on political/legal, economic, social/cultural and technological (PEST-C) aspects AND Hofstede’s Country Characteristics, you will prepare a 5-7 pages (text) report with references (additional) done in APA format.

The PEST-C analysis should take 2-3 of your pages and the Hofstede’s analysis should take 2 pages.


Be sure to identify each of the Hofstede Characteristics from his website that have been analyzed for your country.  Define what each characteristic means.  Describe how it applies to your country, and how it differs from Canada FOR EACH CHARACTERISTIC!


Identify a type of business that would be appropriate to operate in the country you have chosen to profile.  Explain why it would be appropriate and how you would expect to establish that business in the country in question.  You should be able to do this in 1-2 pages.


Papers that are more than seven pages of text will be returned to you to edit until it is in seven pages.  Papers that have any amount of plagiarism will receive a zero and will be reported to the Dean’s office as an academic offense.


This is an individual project.  The Late Policy applies.

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