Cultural Diversity

Service Learning
The purpose of this assignment is to help students gain insight into the customs, attitudes or values of another cultural group and an appreciation of the cultural diversity in society. Locate an organization that serves an aging population of an ethnic, racial, religious, or cultural group other than your own. Volunteer on at least three (3) occasions at this organization and document your experiences working with aging adults from a background unfamiliar to you. Compose a short (3-4 page) report on things learned during this experience. Note ways in which course material can be tied to what you witness. Also note any changes in how you view the cultural group and individuals you come in contact with. As you begin your service learning placement, please remember that you will be a representative yourself and Empire State College in the community. As such, we ask you to carefully read and abide by the following guidelines created to assist you in having the most productive community service learning experience possible:

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