currenct affairs

* Read the entire test document before starting the test! Be sure to read all of the assigned GK columns!
* You have the entire week to work on the test, so don’t worry about logging on and off.
* However, do not wait until the last minute to begin the test.
* Remember to work on the test alone!
* Do not use an encyclopedia like Wikipedia or an answer site like yahoo answers or you will lose points! Do your own analytical thinking.
* Have a good test! 🙂

Define and give the significance of ALL of the following issues/concerns:

1. The Resignation of Pope Benedict XVI
2. Charles Hegel
3. The Energy Crisis
4. The Sequester/Debt Crisis
5. Globalization

Your identification answers should each be a substantial paragraph. But, they do not have to be pages and pages! You should however address at least FIVE very important points per identification. And then, you must explain why the person, event, issue or theory is significant in the study of current world affairs. You may also use a bullet style presentation as long as you provide enough information. Identifications are meant to thoroughly cover the subject while being concise.

Remember to document your sources. If you use a direct quote or paraphrase use parenthetical documentation. This applies to material in my GK columns or an outside source. Be sure to use (the Author’s last name, page number) in the body of your work. Tell me where you got your information? There should also be a master/formal Works Cited list at the end of the test.


The journals should follow the directions that are located under COURSE CONTENT. This should be a critical analysis of daily/weekly news watching, listening and reading. The student should critically analyze the news and report if they think there is “bias” in what they have read or heard. They should include in their weekly summaries whether their personal opinions were “swayed” by the news reporting. The student should also include in their summary whether “class discussions” influenced their thinking during any particular week.

The submission must be neatly typed in a Word document format. No other format/program will be accepted. The student must use three news sources each week and the sources must be from three different news reporting formats. This includes: Print journalism (newspapers, books, and magazines), television press reporting, and Internet sources. The student should include one international source such as the BBC, CNN International, Canadian Broadcasting or Bloomberg News.

The journal should exhibit the students best writing skills and use proper grammar and sentence structure. In other words, you should compile your note keeping into a cohesive report that utilizes your analytical skills. 🙂

You may “not” use an online encyclopedia such as Wikipedia or an answer site as a source.

****Tests submitted without a bibliography will automatically lose points.

The test is due by 7:00 a.m., Monday, March 11. Late submissions will lose a grade for every day they are outstanding. The college Angel system clocks the submissions. No tests will be accepted after 7:00 a.m. March 14. There will be no make-up tests unless previously arranged with the instructor.

Submit your test as a Word document attachmentthrough the Assignment Drop Box. This is the only acceptable form of submission. The test must be submitted as an attachment. Submit the test document as a “single”Word document. Number all your pages and be sure to put “your name” in your file document name.
Example: Your Name_CWA_Test One

EXTRA CREDIT: (10 possible points)
Write a one page essay answering the following question:

1. Choose a current event story that has not been mentioned on this or the last test. Explain why you feel this event/issue is significant in a global concept. This is the time to use some of the interesting news stories you have read over the past few weeks. Support your answer with facts.

*Test Tip:
Remember to use your entire knowledge base that you are amassing. This should include your news watching, listening and reading that you are doing for your personal journal, my GK columns, as well as information you have garnered from past discussions and reliable outside sources. Link your information together. As you work on your test, remember to look at the “big picture.” Don’t isolate your facts. Take your time and pace your test. Don’t allow yourself to be overwhelmed, as you have the entire week to complete this test. 🙂

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