Development of a one-page project management plan in Microsoft Excel

Development of a one-page project management plan in Microsoft Excel
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In this assignment you will prepare a one page project management (OPPM) plan dealing with a specific environmental issue type topic that you will decided upon by January 31st. The purpose of this assignment is twofold: you will learn about a specific topic; and you will learn to prepare the OPPM plan. The template to use for this assignment is located directly below this message in the moodle. When you open it you should download it to your own computer. You will see that I have inserted a number of things into the template as an example of what yours should look like. Simply delete out all the information I put in, and put in your own.
Please check it out ASAP to become familiar with it. Save a few copies of it and practice around with it. The idea behind the OPPM assignment is to show how all the relevant details about carrying out a project can be done on one page.

How to proceed with this assignment:

1. Think up a current environmental type topic or problem in Canada. It could relate to air, water, food, soil contamination, pollution, oil and gas industry, etc. Literally any topic will do but you are required to send me the topic/problem (in a sentence or two) by Jan 31st 2013 so I can approve it. Once the topic is approved then you can go research it in more depth.

2. Think of how this topic/problem you’ve picked could be carried out or solved by 4-5 people in a project management fashion. Consider yourself the project manager.

3. Using the problem you’ve selected then show me how you would carry out all the work by inserting all the relevant details into the OPPM template. Assume you have a budget of $100,000 for this project and four months maximum to complete it.

4. All the details about how you would carry out this project shall then be included in the OPPM template. Make sure you save the template each time you work on it. Once it’s completed send it to me via email. All I need is the one page. Your name and student number should go in at the top where you will list yourself as the project manager. Don’t send anything else.

Note: do not submit me copies for comment on prior to a final version. This is a fairly straightforward assignment. I look forward to receiving one finished OPPM document by the above deadline.

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