Devise a repatriation package for a repatriating oversees expatriate

7-10 pages

Students should select and prepare a comprehensive research report on one of the topics provided in “Topics for Research Project Report(s)”. Alternative topics may be proposed to the instructor but must be approved in advance and relate to one of the 15 textbook chapters and be timely to the course work in this class.

A topic must be selected and proposed to the instructor by/before the date noted on the course schedule.

The research project should reflect the student’s independent research on the selected topic; integrate class and text discussions; and include insights and applications that the student has discovered through non-course information and/or reading and experience (e.g., books, journals, internet research, personal experiences, contemporary newspaper articles, and/or other electronic or documented resources).

The course project is to perform independent research on an approved research topic. This project is designed to provide you a tangible understanding of the intricacies of compensation administration and the impact of compensation on employees, the work environment, and the ultimate success of the organization. Your report should be completed in a professional format (of your choice) and should reflect the significance of your research findings. A comprehensive, quality report and demonstration of analytic review is expected!

Topic 5: Devise a repatriation package for a repatriating oversees expatriate

As a compensation professional, sometimes you need to look at a situation from the employee’s point of view. Search online for a resources to help devise cost effective ways the company can ease the repatriation shock for an employee and his/her family returning from an assignment. Cover the breadth of issues involved in an overseas job assignment and eventual repatriation to the U.S. How does it impact the employee? Company? Family (if applicable)? Other considerations?

Also, the federal income tax responsibilities for multinational corporations and its American employees who work overseas can be confusing. To get a better understanding of the tax laws that pertain to working overseas go to the Internal Revenue Service website.

Search for “Citizens Living Abroad.” Did you find this site helpful? What did you learn by reviewing this site that you did not know?

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