Discuss how various aspects of physical appearance may influence career success in managerial positions. Illustrate your answer with suitable evidence.

Unit 16 Analysing your second Acad 704 essay

Look at the assignment details for your second Academic Literacy 1 essay and answer the questions below.

Questions (in pairs or small groups):
1. What is the topic and focus of this essay?

2. How many different tasks do you need to address in this essay?

3. Identify the ‘purpose words’ in the assignment title; what are they asking you to do in the essay?

4. Do you think it would be useful to define any concepts in the assignment task?

5. Do you fully understand all the requirements? …Sure?

6. What implication does the phrase ‘various aspects’ have for your essay? What categories of physical appearance can you brainstorm (don’t worry yet about whether they might ‘influence career success’ or not)?

7. Will your tutor expect you to discuss fashion models and basketball players in this essay? Why (not)

8. How would you define ‘career success in managerial positions’? How can it be measured?

9. What kind of connotation does ‘influence’ have? Is it negative…positive…both? What does this mean for your essay?

10. What kind of link(s) do you think there might be between physical appearance and career success in managerial positions?

11. How do you think researchers may have tried to investigate these links? In, other words, what kind of evidence do you think you might be looking for?

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