Education policies in Washington State vs. Oregon

Paper 1 – Select and analyze a state-specific policy question using comparative methods.
You will compare at least 2 state (or local) governments and their differing policies in answering your research question. Some examples of policy issues include:
immigration, medical marijuana, gay marriage/civil unions, the use of the death penalty.
If you are unsure whether your chosen topic would work, please ask me. Using your two locations you will explain how, why, and what they differ on in terms of your policy issue, what variables affect/cause those differences, and whether there is likely to be a
change to either government’s approach to the specific policy in the future. For instance, if you were to research motorcycle helmet laws between Idaho and Washington, you would research what the laws are, how they differ between the states, and why those laws are different, including what groups pushed for helmet laws, and which groups fought against the laws, whether there is likely to be a change in either state’s laws, and if there is likely to be change, why?
Paper Format
All written assignments are graded on the basis of content, style, organization, grammar, and spelling. Papers must be typed, double-spaced, stapled, with page numbers. You must use at least fourscholarly sources (peer-reviewed journal articles or books) other than your textbook for the paper. Any major citation style may be used, as long as you are consistent. You mustinclude in-text citations or footnotes and include a reference page; points will be deducted for missing in-text citations and/or references. Every source listed in the references must be cited somewhere in the text.
Never describe an author or use an author’s first name.

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