EED 420 Week 4 Learning Team Concept Mapping of Tom

The principal of your school wants to improve the rigor and instruction of the science courses. As a way to improve science teaching, the principle has decided to present case studies monthly. After each case study, teachers will collaborate in groups and analyze the case studies. For this month, the case study is on a video about Tom, and the principal wants a collaborated document presenting a concept map on the assessment ideas.

Resource: Annenberg website video case study of Tom found on the student website.

Click on the View Programs link and scroll down to click on Case Studies in Science Education. Scroll down and click on Tom—Grade 5 to view the video.

Create a concept map that focuses on four different types of assessments that Tom uses. When mapping your assessment, break down the levels into the different learning styles and the content areas that correlate with each assessment.

Pick one of the assessments within the map. Answer the following questions regarding the assessment:

·  Is this an effective way to assess student mastery? Explain your response.

·  Would you use this assessment in your classroom? How might you change the assessment and what might you keep the same?

·  When teaching science, safety is an important factor. How does Tom use appropriate classroom management and safety practice? How would you have liked to see Tom address safety?

·  Why is it important to use multiple methods, in the most authentic contexts possible, to assess students’ understanding of science?

Does Tom try to integrate different content areas into the science lesson? How is combining different content areas into the science lesson beneficial to learning?

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