Entering Car Industry In Mexico Custom Paper

2. Thus, I have done the task one, and analysed the environment in Mexico, thus you need first to understand it before write the essay, and you will use it for the essay (task two).
3. Please read the analysis of the environment (attached)(group assignment ) in order to do task two (essay) 2000 words.
You could follow the structure below:
a) introduction:
b) Part one : business environment (no more than 500 words) (culture, social, demographic, political, legal, economic, government , physical infrastructure, communication infrastructure, technology).
C) Part two: entry mode.
d) future international strategy.
e) conclusion
Note: you are not restricted to use above structure, thus your suggestion is appreciated.
Also I have attached the handbook and lectures’ files for more information; it is recommended to use the references, which listed in the handbook.

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