Essays are piece of writing which are written for students from an authors’ point of view. A number of elements can be present in an essay which includes; criticism, literary, learned arguments, daily life observations, political manifestos, recollections and reflections which are made by the author. In most cases, essays are written in prose form. They are short in such a way that not all information is delivered through an essay. The process of writing an essay is guided by some laid down structure which is applicable in almost all kinds of essays.

By following a few steps, the writer learns that the essay almost writes itself and will only be responsible for supplying ideas, which are the important part of the essay. The basic steps involved include:- Deciding on the topic, preparing an outline of the ideas, writing the thesis statement, writing the body, introduction, conclusion and finally checking on the finishing touches. With the advent of the internet, information has been made easily available through a click of a button. Over the internet, an essay writer can get free essays of choice and write on them. In most cases, due to the ease of getting information through the internet, most writers prefer to write their essays online and forwarding them to their respective destination upon completion.

There are several categories of essays which are aimed at serving a specific purpose. Persuasive essays are intended at persuading a persuasive argument by making the reader to agree with your facts, arguments and conclusion. Essays also known as application essays or admission essays, are designed for students who are seeking admissions in of their interest. They are meant to convince the admissions committee what makes them stand out from other applicants. Due to their challenging nature, sample essays are available online and can be used as guide to writing a winning essay.

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