Exemplification Essay

I required to summarize what i am read and add related reason to the reading
please use simple vocabulary ( international student)
here is professor’s example.

Here is an example, but please do not plagiarize my language. Instead, use this sample as a model.

In her essay “Mother Tongue,” Amy Tan writes about her immigrant mother’s difficulties with the English language. Tan often had to act as an interpreter; not only did people have trouble understanding her mother, but they also treated her as if she were stupid and worthless. For example, once Tan’s mother had a hospital appointment to discuss a CAT scan of her brain, only to discover that the staff had lost the scan. The staff dismissed her concerns and told her to make another appointment, even “when she told them she was anxious to know the exact diagnosis, since her husband and son had both died of brain tumors.” Tan’s mother then insisted that she would not leave this hospital until the doctor called her daughter. When the doctor finally heard Amy Tan speak “in perfect English,” he treated her with respect and promised to find the lost scan and talk with her and her mother on the following Monday.

Like Tan, I have often have to act as an interpreter for my mother, particularly with doctors and other medical personnel. Although my mother has spoken English from birth, she can be difficult to understand, especially if she’s nervous. She speaks too fast in a roundabout, convoluted manner, and has poor listening skills. With age, she has become hard of hearing and developed mild Alzheimer’s, making it even more difficult for her to communicate efficiently. Therefore, I now accompany her on doctor’s visits to ensure that she is receiving proper care. Most doctors and nurses treat my mother with respect and patience. However, some have not. Once I witnessed a urologist become frustrated with my mother when she trouble positioning herself on the examining table. He asked her to slide up more toward the top of the table, but she either couldn’t hear him or wasn’t paying attention. Instead she asked him, “Do you know Dr. Blakeman?”

The urologist replied sternly, “C’mon, focus!”

I replied, just as sternly, “She needs help!” and went to my mother’s side, trying to help her slide herself further up. The young, healthy, strong male doctor watched us struggle without lending a hand.

We never went back.

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