Families:Definitions, Contexts Theoretical Orienations.

1- I need you to assign a special writer for me.
2- I need the writer to read the articles carefully and then answer the question.
* The answer should be in reflective or discussion way.
* The answer of the question should not exceed 350 words not more.
3- also I have my classmates posting. i need you to read it carefully and to write a comment, reflective or discussion way on hid posting.
* The comments are 250 words.
* The comments should be useful and make students think more about this topic.
4- General use appropriate references in APA style support your contributions.
Please use just articles carefully in the attachments.
5- Please listen to record and see lectures.
6- Don’t you use any information from my classmate.

*Overall grade for this assignment:

The extent to which this assignment met the requirements of this task reflected in the marking grid below. The (ticks) indicate your level of achievement for each of the assessment criteria.

1- level of participation in discussions (30%) – Demonstration of engagement with peers by stimulating and adding to ongoing discussion.

U – D – P – A – O

2- Essence or quality of individual posting (70%) – Quality of comments / ideas / thoughts / Question on topics covered demonstrating depth in awareness and understanding: and relevance to early childhood settings.

U – D – P – A – O

4- General use appropriate references in APA style support your contributions.
Please use just articles carefully in the attachments.

U – D – P – A – O

Key: U= Unsatisfactory – D= Developing – P= Proficient – A= Advanced –
O= outstanding.

Text Book:

Bowes, J., Grace, R., & Hodge, K. (Eds.) (2012). Children, families and communities. Contexts and consequences. (4th edn), South Melbourne: Oxford University Press.
Giele, J. Z. (2011). Decline of the family: Conservative, liberal, and feminist views. In A. S. Skolnick & J. H. Skolnick (Eds) (2011). Family in Transition, 16th edn (pp. 60-80). Boston, MA: Pearson.
• Baxter, J., & Smart, D. (2011). Fathering in Australia among couple families with young children: Research highlights. Family Matters, No. 88, 15-26.
• Edgar, D. (2004). Globalization and Western bias in family sociology. In J. Scott, J. Treas, & M. Richards (Eds.) The Blackwell Companion to the Sociology of Families. MA: Blackwell.
• Griggs, J., Tan, J-P., Buchanan, A., Attar-Schwartz, S., & Flouri, E. (2009). ‘They’ve always been there for me’: Grandparental involvement and child well-being. Children and Society, 24 (3), 200-214.
• Hayes, A., Qu, L., Weston, R., & Baxter, J. (2011). Families in Australia 2011: Sticking together in good and tough times. Melbourne: Australian Institute of Family Studies. Available at: http://www.aifs.gov.au/institute/pubs/factssheets/2011/fw2011/

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