Family Systems Theory von Bertalanffy (1950, 1968)

My Family Theory project is Family System Theory von Bertalanffy 1950,1968. The focus is on the circular interactions among members of family systems, which result in functional or dysfunctional outcomes.

You should use this Evaluation Rubric to guide your preparation of the presentation. All students are to participate in the discussions of at least 2 classmates presentation of their chosen theories.

Evaluation Criteria for Family Theory Project Total Points

(a) Brief overview of the family theory (purpose, concepts/definitions, relationships, assumptions underlying the theory) Main points only. (15)
(b) Importance/Usefulness of the theory to nursing (5)
(c) Brief case example of theory application demonstrating how the theory applies to the case example. (5)
(a) Clearly presented (within 8 slide limit for PowerPoint presentation. This does not include title and reference page.) (5)
(b) Logically organized (2.5)
(c) Correct grammar and spelling with fewer than five errors (5)
(d) A minimum of five sources (2.5) 15
Participation in discussion of your own family theory project and your peers’ presentations (asking a minimum of one pertinent question or adding one substantial post to each of the two other presentations) (15)
Total Points 55
This is slides and is for Theory.

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