filling out an iep

Review Karen Smith’s Present Level of Performance to begin your Final IEP.  To complete this assignment, you will fill in the Blank IEP provided.

Don’t complete this assignment without reviewing the feedback from your IEP Goals/Objectives.  Also, be sure to use your completed workbook to assist you.

Read the report carefully.  Your responses on the Final IEP must be based on the information provided.
Be sure to review the Grading Rubric to ensure your work is completed successfully.

Submit this assignment by Friday of Module/Week 8.

Karen Smith Scenario
At age 10 and in third grade, Karen Smith’s examination of the on the Wechsler Intelligence Scale for Children – Revised (WISC-R) are presented in Table 1. Note should be made of the inconsistency between her IQ scores.  Her performance and full scale IQ appeared average.  While her verbal IQ appears to be in the below average range.
Table 1 – WISC-R
Verbal IQ – 78
Performance IQ – 98
Full Scale IQ – 85

Karen Smith’s examination of the Peabody Individual Achievement Test- Revised (PIAT – R) as seen in Table 2 indicated that she was functioning at her grade level in General Information and Mathematics.  However, her reading and spelling scores are 2 years below grade level.  The scatter in these scores indicate that Karen’s primary disability is learning disabled.

Table 2 – PIAT – R
General Information – 3.5 grade level
Reading Recognition – 1.8 grade level
Reading Comprehension – 1.3 grade level
Reading (Total) – 1.6 grade level
Mathematics – 3.2 grade level
Spelling – 1.4 grade level
Total Test – 2.1 grade level

Teachers report that Karen’s communication skills favor reception more than expression.  Her receptive vocabulary is quite good.  When given an array of pictures or words from a story, she will often point to the picture or words which best depict an object, event or description.  She will attend to, and remember, and follow three-step instructions as well. Yet, she is slow to verbalize, partly because she appears to have difficulty finding the words that best capture her intended meaning, partly because she has trouble assembling words beyond the most basic sentences, and largely because her articulation is slow and labored.  In reading, word recognition is close to early first grade level and she can use letter-sound correspondence rules to pronounce only the most basic (CVC) words.  She is beginning to be able to sight-read numerous irregular words.  In addition, she has difficulty spelling words that don’t follow the basic CVC rules.

Teachers further report that Karen has trouble interacting with peers because of difficulty verbalizing her thoughts.  Karen’s strengths are in math.  She is able to quickly grasp the concepts and is excelling at a regular rate in this area.  She also expresses her love for math and her frustration for reading and language arts.

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