FIN 370 – Entire Week 2

FIN 370 – Entire Week 2
Learning Team – Ethics and Compliance Paper
Select an organization from the following list:
Wal-Mart Stores, Inc.
Barnes & Noble
“Disney” – This paper is based on Disney
Write a 1,400- to 1,750-word paper in which you analyze the data in the annual reports and SEC filings. Address the following:
Assess the role of ethics and
compliance in your organization’s financial environment.
Describe procedures your
organization has in place to ensure ethical behavior.
Explain how financial markets work
in the United States.
Identify processes the organization
uses to comply with SEC regulations.
Evaluate your organization’s financial performance during the past 2 years, using financial ratios. Calculate the ratios for each year:
Return on equity
Days receivable
Discuss the trend for each ratio and what it tells you about the organization’s financial health.
Format your paper consisent with APA guidelines.
Discussion Questions
DQ 1 – What information is needed in order to prepare a cash budget? What is the relationship between an operating budget and a cash budget? Why is it important for an organization to prepare a cash budget?
DQ 2 – How would you define strategic planning? What are the differences between strategic and financial planning? What financial problems might an organization encounter when implementing their strategic plan?
DQ 3 – What is the break-even point? What decisions does the break-even point help an organization to make? What financial actions might an underperforming organization take to reach break-even point?
DQ 4 – How would you explainthe use of TVM in business? What considerations are made when calculating TVM? How can you use TVM to create an employees’ retirement plan?

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