Finance Business Plan

A Business Plan has many different sections.  Each section explains an important part of your business idea.

This is your opportunity to think like an entrepreneur! Think of an idea that you have for a new health care organization or service.  For this written assignment, you are to write the Service Description section and create the first year’s Income Statement sections of a business plan for your organization or service.  You should use Exhibit 24-2: Basic Information for the Service or Equipment Description and Exhibit 24-6: Basic Assumptions for Business Plan Income Statement Projections as a guide for your work.

In order to accomplish your projected Income Statement you will need to make some assumptions.  Be sure to clearly identify these assumptions.  I encourage you to keep your Income Statement simple!  It is better to be simple and correct, then complicated and wrong.  🙂

Caution:  If you choose to look on the internet for other business plan samples be sure to avoid acts of plagiarism!!

ITEM                                                  POINTS
2 page minimum (excluding header)    10
Content of Services Section                  35
Content of Income Statement                35
Grammar and Spelling                          10
APA                                                        10
TOTAL                                                  100

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