Fraser office supplies

No source need, Please read the case and case requirement carefully. And write the paper answer the case question!


Case Question:

Case:   Fraser Office Supplies


Evaluate the marketing strategies of Fraser Office Supplies (FOS). What are the major strengths and weaknesses?

Case requirement:

Construct detailed and specific answers to the case questions, and provide meaningful, feasible, and specific suggestions or recommendations. Provide analyses instead of repeating what is stated the case. Even when you are summarizing the points in the case, use your own words instead of copying the facts in the case; organize all your points into categories instead of listing them according to the sequence of their appearance in the case. Avoid unhelpful statements, e.g., “the company should conduct more marketing research.” Rather, you should state how this can be done. Your recommendations should address the problems or issues you have identified and analyzed earlier. Think about how your recommendations will help solve the problems or help the company to enhance its business.

Try to conduct some quantitative analyses based on the data given in the case whenever possible.






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