Gender and Violence Reflection Assignment

answer # 2, #3, # 5, # and 2 more of your choosing.

  1. Go to (Bureau of Justice Statistics) Summarize the findings specific to intimate partner violence. How many female victims, ages, perpetrators (relationship to victim), what type of weapons are used?
  2. **Go to: (West Virginia Coalition on Domestic Violence)

Review the section on batterer intervention. How might you utilize this information in planning an educational program for college students? What information do you believe essential to include for this population and how could the information be implemented? Who would be the intended audience in the University environs?

  1. **Go to:  (West Virginia Foundation for Rape and Information Services) What is FRIS and what is their mission? Review and summarize the laws of West Virginia relative to sexual assault. Do you believe theses laws are fair and just? You may observe that there is a lesser penalty for marital rape, than for other types of rape. Do you believe this is appropriate? Explain your reasoning.
  2. Read the article at:  (Why they kill their newborns) Do you believe that there is a psychological rationale for why women may murder their own children? Is a diagnosis of mental illness a plausible excuse for such behavior, such as the case of Andrea Yates, who had a diagnosis of postpartum psychosis and was under the care of a psychiatrist.  You can go to the website: (Parents who Murder) and click on the link towards bottom of the page to review the Andrea Yates story and other women’s stories who have murdered their children.
  3. **Read the attached about Michael Ross  Write a free response to this article. Explain your views.
  4. We have examined a number of theories specific to violence as well as reviewed causal factors that are believed to contribute to victimization of women. Which of these make the most sense to you and why?
  5. At some colleges, rape victims have begun posting names of alleged perpetrators in rest rooms, etc. in response to, what they believe, is the lack of punishment of rapists (administration, athletes as discussed in class). Additionally, some women do not officially report a rape. What so you believe the motives are here? Should this be viable option to protect the safety of women? What should the responsibility of the administration be? How can the issue of “innocent until proven guilty” be addressed in theses instances?
  6. Go to:


List and describe 2 sexual health and violence initiative policies implemented by the WHO for violence prevention in the lives of women. Please note-I would like you to read the policies and not just the overviewJ



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