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Choose one of the study questions you consider challenging (that hasn’t been thoroughly discussed in earlier threads).  Compose a developed post in response, providing a thesis (or provisional claim), followed by the textual evidence you think is most relevant.  Put a clear content clue in your message heading.

In addition, respond in detail to someone else’s post, OR contribute a developed commentary on an original topic (not necessarily derived from the study questions).

This is the question I have chosen to do it on:

20.  Every generation depicted in the novel struggles with ruinous calamities: war, epidemics and lethal diseases, droughts and famines, dire economic times, grave social injustice.  How ubiquitous are these conditions and how relevant to the novel’s preoccupations?  In other words, how much of the larger picture is merely backdrop and context, and how much is thematic and relevant to the novel’s core themes and agenda?  Zero in on some passages that grapple with the issue of human suffering.

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