Globalisation Remains an Irresistible Trend

Please refer to the attachment I’ve attached for the specific requrements. You will notice I’ve uploaded the text-review you’ve helped me last time and there’s comment on it. What you need to do is to look at the comments since this specific assignment will be counted whereas the last one is simply just for practice. (however, what you need to do is similar with the one you did last time, the only difference is that you’ll be writing a review on a differnet piece of article this time).

The other piece of document is basically about the specific requirements and the specific articles I’ve chose to write.

The rest of the two documents in which I camptured down with screen shots are the criteria and make sure you read the criteria carefully before you start the paper.

Please let me know if there’s any more questions and thank you very much!

Ps: Remember as I previously mentioned, keep the wording simplified and direct since I’m not very strong in writing literacy (so you could reference the way of how you did it last time).

As for number of resources its only the article piece so I’ll put down one but if you want to reference more, its up to you.

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