Goebel et.al. v. Frank Clothiers

Your task is to carefully review the case and thoroughly answer the following three questions:

1. Is there sufficient evidence of disparate impact against African Americans with

to the selection procedure to shift the burden of proof to Frank Clothiers? Explain thoroughly. (40 points)

2. Frank Clothiers effectively asserts a “bottom-line” defense, stating that since more

African Americans were hired than any other group, this clearly suggests that there is no evidence of disparate impact against African Americans. Would this defense likely enable Frank Clothiers to prevail? Explain citing at least one major U.S. Supreme Court decision regarding a “bottom-line” defense. (40 points)

3. If disparate impact is evident, what must Frank Clothiers do in order to prevail?

Given the information presented on the job description for the assistant manager position, is continued use of the Wonderlic Personnel Test for selection feasible? Explain. (20 points)

Your manuscript will be assessed based upon content (accuracy and thoroughness of the responses) and writing proficiency. Your presentation should be reflective of a professional. This means it must be typed (word processed and printed neatly) and well written. Appropriate citation for materials borrowed from the literature (including materials borrowed from your text) is required (footnotes or endnotes and a references page). Two scores will be assigned to your case analysis, one for content (70%) and one for writing quality (30%).

How long should your manuscript be? I would estimate about five pages, but admittedly, this is just a guess. However, effective content is more important than the number of pages.

answer the three question clearly and make it accurate

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