HCBA The Reflection on Legal System

The requirements for this paper:
• (1) identify legal resources; (2) understand the nature, effect and impact of the legal services provided by the attorneys and paralegals
• This is a research paper on the legal community with emphasis on the legal ethics. The paper shall consist of an overview of the issues, the law, and the impact it has on our lives, impact it has on persons, and your suggestions for changes/improvements.
• The paper shall be written 6 to 8 page legal memorandum from 1” margins double-spaced, 12-point Times Roman font.
• APA is required
• Please make sure the paper is written in first person
Please review the following links for research information:
Please search through the entire website for information concerning the Hillsborough County Bar Association. The idea on how this paper should be written is important to the following instruction above. Now, I am not majoring in Para legalism. The writer must write this paper as if he or she was in Tampa Florida visiting the Bar Association. The website will play as a visual role for the writer, this paper should reflect the history of the legal system, Paralegal, etc just as it states above. The first link shown above is a monthly magazine called, “Lawyer”. It will help the writer see what HCBA is all about. Whatever the writer writes, I will have to reflection the information also on PPT. Please follow the instruction about. I do prefer the writer to have a legal background if possible.
Please insert this paragraph in the paper:
As I walked into the facility, the history structure presented a lifelong enrichment of service to the legal system. I notice on the walls of interior, enlistment of lawyers who have come and gone through the bar association. I read about the impressions they left on how future lawyers should ethically govern themselves when practicing justice system. This was very interesting. I never would have thought in a day of my life that I would be stepping into a place where I thought I know more about, but then again, I was wrong.
I met with Mr. John F. Kynes, executive director of the Hillsborough County Bar Association, located at 1610 N. Tampa Street, Tampa, Florida 33602. As I interview the Executive Director, he indicated to me that the Bar Association holds a 3700 membership organization with its membership structure out to form 30 committees. (Please add more information)

Please have the writer write the paper in first person. I prefer to have someone that has a Law study background. I just want to remind the writer that this paper is critical to my passing. Please pay close attention to the requirements.

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