Homework 1, and 2

Homework 1:
HBR “ A View From The Field”: Pick ONE story that resonated for You/Why/Bullet Points •One sentence on Key Principle of article as it relates to sales and why you picked that key principle. Critical thinking on key principle. Not looking for synopsis/book report of the section of the article you are referencing. We will be having the teams discuss the key principle in their team, and will discuss the key principles from each team during class.
• Provide 3-4 key bullet points supporting key principle in your own words.
No more than a half page in length. in the same 1/2 page format, BUT with clear instructions on choosing ONE story in the reading and doing the assignment on that one reading. File attached.

Homework 2:
Read “Life, Don’t Miss It” Book – 1 page paper on what aspects of the book reasonated with you and WHY.

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