Name: _____________________________

MLA format (15) ______

Unique title, correct header and running header ____

Correct spacing, 1 inch margins, 12 pt, times new roman, double spaced  ______

Appropriate number of sources______

5 pages_____

Works Cited _______

I-Search Components:

Section 1- The Discovery- Introduction (20)____

What you knew, previous experiences and stereotypes______

Wanted to learn______


Section 2- Story of your search (20)_____

Personal stories_____

Reflections and comments on sources_____

Interviews, movies and other sources mentioned and narrated______

Relevant quotes and other direct research______

Show- evidence (specifics, details and examples)______

Organization: pictures, sections, headers, bullets points____

Section 3/4- Conclusion-Story of the Hunt- Continuation (15)_____

Conclusions on research and process of researching______


Where you will go from here_____

Punctuation & Grammar (10) _____

Paragraphs are appropriate length______

No spelling errors/proof reading_____

Punctuation marks____

Word usage and grammar_____

Pronoun, modifier or subject verb agreement____

Tone & Flow (20) _____


Specific word choice_____

Sentence variation _____

Consistent verb tense, voice and point of view____

No clutter____

Essay Points (100) _____            Letter Grade_______

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