How Sweatshops don’t benefit the poor of the global south and more importantly clearly inhibit global development.

1. Introduction. In the introduction you should briefly present the topic that you are addressing. A good introduction should have three very important elements: first, it should provide a clear argument/thesis statement; second, it should make an explicit connection between the essay topic and a broader debate in the field of development (debate topic); finally, the introduction should provide an overview of the structure of the paper, explaining how the argument is going to be developed. The thesis statement in the introduction should be explicit, clear and unambiguously articulated. It is a good idea to write or revise the introduction after the rest of the paper is completed.
2. Structure and development of argument. Beyond the introduction, you should build the body of your essay as a series of arguments in which you demonstrate the validity of your thesis statement. This is the most important aspect of the paper. There should be a good synthesis of relevant arguments surrounding the debate within which the essay topic is located. The ideas and the arguments presented in essay need to be connected to broader concepts related to development (e.g. sustainable development, human security, etc.). For example, you should indicate the ways in which the research material situates you to analyze a given aspect of your case studies. It is important that the argument is well-organized with a logical sequence of points.
3. Conclusion: The essay should have a brief conclusion in which, after summarizing your previously elaborated main points, it reflects on the significance of the thesis and the analysis offered. Do not include new information, concepts, etc. in this section.
4. Academic writing style. Correct length will be checked. Spelling, grammar, syntax and font. Quality of writing (is it readable?). Use of language (clear, concise and professional).
5. Use of bibliographic sources and proper use of evidence. Quality of sources (non-media, non-Internet, when possible). Use of quotes (keep to a minimum!) and textual evidence to support argument. Footnotes/endnotes. Adequate bibliography. Please note that regardless of the form of notes in which the references are made, each reference must include page numbers, where available.
6. Other comments. Overall organization and presentation of essay. Quality and style of writing.

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